2021-2022 Mission

Kids for Kids seeks to uplift individuals facing hardship through art, while also fostering empathy and literacy in elementary, middle, and high school students. School staff from our partner districts will select student artists whose social, emotional, and academic development would benefit from participation. Children from our partner organizations and institutions will submit brief synopses of themselves and what life challenges they are currently facing.

By cultivating authentic school-family-community partnerships, Kids for Kids aims to create an experience through which social, emotional, and academic competencies can be modeled and practiced, leading to positive student outcomes in school and in life.

During the 2021-2022 school year, 60 kids will participate as student artists. Every month from January through April, these student artists will produce a piece of art for a peer facing difficult circumstances. As a result, 240 children will receive personalized, hand-made art inspired by information they have shared about themselves. Our hope is that the recipients will be encouraged by the empathy of members of the community.

Our Team

Dr. Jason Margolis

Project Director


Erika Rasmussen

Project Manager


Veronica Derickson

Project Assistant